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PlexyDesk Technology Overview


Welcome to *Plexydesk

PlexyDesk is a modular Desktop extension fully powered by Nokia Qt Framework.
PlexyDesk lets you customize your Desktop with QML and it's C++ API.
Apart from this, PlexyDesk also lets you make theme packs (Skins) for your desktop using QML and share it with everyone 
PlexyDesk Currently supports the following features:
  • Change your desktop wallpaper by dragging and dropping any image you like from your file manager 
  • Fully supports Qt QML 
  • Provides support for Qt/3D
  • PlexyDesk widgets can be programmed with shader programs (GLSL). 
  • API for writing data models, and C++ widget plugins 
  • Dbus api for changing the wallpaper on Linux
  • Various Utility widgets (like a Clock, File browser, and Photo Frame).
PlexyDesk Depends on Qt4.7 or above and we currently use the following Qt Modules:
  • QtCore - for File system access and plugin API
  • QtGUI - we mostly use QGraphicsView
  • QtOpenGL - to run plexydesk in hardware accelerated mode
  • QtNetwork - for network access and data plugins
  • QtSVG - for C++ widgets
  • QtDeclarative - For QML support
  • QtWebkit - to run Apple Widgets on Mac
  • QtXML and QtXmlPatterns - for XML processing
  • QtTest - for Test cases
  • QtDBus - for interprocess communication needs
PlexyDesk binary release and the source code can be obtained from our Download page
Join us on irc (freenode, #plexydesk) or join our Mailing Lists.
Thank you for showing interest in our project.
We hope you would enjoy using plexydesk, as much as we do developing it. 
Send us a feedback or leave a comment here