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Using PlexyDesk GIT

The PlexyDesk development master is located at Github.

The following steps are specific for PlexyDesk's GIT.

General GIT tutorials can be found here.


  • Step 1: Create a free account with Github then visit PlexyDesk project link.
  • Step 2: Click on the fork button as shown below (click on the image below):

Fork the PlexyDesk master pr


  • Step 3: Download the code from your forked repository (clone your repo locally)

git clone

Note: Please make sure that you replace "sirajrazick" with your git hub user name.


  • Step 4: Create a new branch, so that you can start adding code to PlexyDesk

git branch my_cool_feature
git checkout my_cool_feature


  • Step 5: Now do the modifications you would like to do, then commit the result

git commit -a

Note: The commit message supports following keywords:

fixes : #bugid
closes : #issuid

A sample commit message for closing an issue looks like below:

commit 69efabcc992451031a323897ac43069240ce201f
Author: Siraj Razick <>
Date: Wed May 4 20:44:22 2011 +0530
closes #25
Test issue close


  • Step 6: After you have committed your changes, upload the changes to the remote git repository by using this command:

git push origin my_cool_feature


  • Step 7: Make a Pull request from Github web interface, in that select your commit and your branch and make the request (click on the image below):

Make a pull request to PlexyDesk master project


  • Step 8: Next an upstream PlexyDesk developer will review your commit and if it is good and working, he will merge your patch to upstream PlexyDesk source code.
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