At PlexyPlanet, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your personal information. This policy outlines our practices concerning the collection, usage, and protection of information tied to your name or email address.

Privacy Policy:

  1. Limited Use of Personal Information: Information tied to your name or email address is used exclusively for matters directly related to your request. We do not sell mailing lists or engage in mass mailings beyond your explicit selections. Information is not correlated across various sources.
  2. Instances of Information Storage: Examples of when we store information about you include:
    • Adding your name and email to register for PlexyPlanet.
    • Posting comments on PlexyPlanet.
    • Contacting PlexyPlanet via email.
    • Ordering books through the PlexyPlanet catalog.
  3. Third-Party Mailing Lists: Some mailing lists are managed by external firms. When registering, you’re informed during the process. While we aim for privacy policies aligned with ours, we cannot guarantee the behavior of non-PlexyPlanet entities.
  4. Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to comprehend how users navigate our site. Data retention for analytics accounts is set to 14 months.
  5. Rights Related to Personal Information: You may have rights under data protection law, including:
    • Requesting a copy of your stored personal information.
    • Asking for updates to your personal information.
    • Requesting deletion of personal information from live systems.
    • Objecting to our processing of your personal information.
    • Withdrawing consent to our processing of your personal information.

    To exercise these rights or inquire about eligibility, contact us.

Copyright Policy:

  1. Personal Copy of PlexyPlanet Material: You may make a personal copy of PlexyPlanet material following U.S. Fair Use guidelines.
  2. Copyright Duration: Articles and columns on PlexyPlanet are under copyright for nine months after publication, after which copyright reverts to the author. Contact the PlexyPlanet webmaster for reprint permissions or material use beyond fair use.
  3. Podcast Property: Podcasts on PlexyPlanet are the property of PlexyPlanet. Seek permission from the PlexyPlanet webmaster for podcast rebroadcasts at
  4. Sole Property Rights: All writing, artwork, page design, and special tools on PlexyPlanet are the sole property of PlexyPlanet unless stated otherwise. Unauthorized copying or use without permission is prohibited.

We appreciate your trust in PlexyPlanet. If you have questions, concerns, or wish to exercise privacy-related rights, contact us. Thank you for being part of our community.